Hello! I’m Emily, and I humbly welcome you to my tiny corner of the internet. My hobbies include reading Harry Potter, media stalking British babes (I’m looking at you Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch), and writing about the secret life of an American teenager- Wait no, just the public life of an average teenager. Yes, that’s more accurate. 

 I’d say that’s all you need to know, but I can’t write an “about me” page and only make it a single paragraph, now can I? 

Okay, I guess i’ll start in my present life. I’m an embarrassing 14 years of age, and entering high school. *gasps* I know, there’s such little knowledge and life experience in this brain of mine. And that’s precisely why I’ve decided to document my life as of now. So that as I grow, you can also learn with me. Or learn from me (and all the positively terrible decisions I plan to make in the future).

I’ve moved a lot. Like, a lot. I’ve attended many schools throughout the better part of my adolescence. I am settled now, a single school kinda gal, Aztec pride and all, if you were wondering.

Now I know what you’re thinking, but no, I’m not military, nor did I hate going through the moves. I’d like to think it turned me into a semi-social, mature individual (ahaha, nope) who can manage to feel comfortable in a realm where the idea of comfort seemingly doesn’t exist. My parents -no offense to them, bless their hearts, really- aren’t the wisest folks out there, nor have they had the best luck. But they are settling down and living their best life, which is an admirable goal in itself. Okay, moving on. 

Some may refer to me as indecisive and borderline capricious. I’d like to say that I pose more as an eclectic person. As in, my spotify ranges anywhere form Billy Joel to Cardi B to Mozart. And honestly, you might hear anything in between, it depends on the day. If you were to see me out and about, you’d probably catch me in food-stained sweatpants, or a tie-die t-shirt, or a leather jacket. I know, all terrible things to wear, but I can’t help it! Eclectic, remember?

I’m a Gemini, through and through. I could be described as an old soul, but with a flare of stereotypical Gen Z. The greatest movies to ever be made are Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Gen Z, coming to terms with your shitty reality but being optimistic that it can be improved.

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