Dealing with anxiety? Feeling lonely?

Dealing with anxiety? Feeling lonely?

want to share with you some of the tips I’ve learned throughout the years. I’m a long term anxiety sufferer and I had a hard upbringing and I feel as though it would be selfish of me not to share things that I have learned that have really helped me as a woman. Things that have helped me become stronger, and more confident.  It saddens me to think about how much pain we as a whole country are in. We live in a unique time where we have the most freedom and yet we are the most medicated society on the planet. 5% of our population is using 80% of the opiates in the world. I believe the rest of the world faces a much more difficult life that us Americans. We are the most educated and prosperous people on the planet and yet people are going towards things to numb them: anything to survive this life: Jack Daniels, cannabis, drugs. It makes me so sad and if that’s you just know I love you so much and I’m writing this for you. You get get through. You can push through and experience joy and you deserve to experience that, but if I were to look at it statically, it would be foolish of me not to talk about this more. 

I have spent the weekend with some of my best friends, business partners, and it made me realize a few things about feeling lonely, about community, and about how important it is to have good friends in your life. The more I talk with so many people about this, I realize everybody feels these feelings, of loneliness, anxiety. No matter how good you look on facebook or instagram or how many accolades you have, everyone deals with feeling these things from time to time. You are not alone in feeling these feelings. 

What are some basic things I’ve done to overcome these feelings?

Thankfully Ive never turned to any medication. I believe whole-heartedly that I haven’t because I have a relationship with God and he is my coping mechanism. Honestly. That would be my first tip for you. Regardless of what you believe in, what spiritual realm, for me it’s Christ it’s God and I go to a non-denominal church, but whatever you believe in that will give you peace. You have to committed to it just like anything else: running your business, working out or eating healthy. It’s not just about showing up on Sunday but its about spending time in prayer, reading the Bible, whatever it is—throughout the week. That is my greatest coping mechanism. Listening to worship music that is what makes me soar and every time I feel lonely or sad I go back to that. It always brings me such peace. So to deal with anxiety its like figure out a place you can go and release and give it up to God because that will help you so much. 

Try lavender! We do have essential oils ! Lavender is really really good to calm yourself. You can put it on your collarbone, and the smell will waft up and you’ll smell it. You can rub it on your temples. There’s many things you can do with lavender. You can diffuse it, that’s another thing I do throughout the day. 

Schedule relaxation! A LOT of us are manic. We’re like crazy, including myself. I go hard. But you have to schedule in relaxation. You have to literally sit down and look at your schedule. Is there a time in there you can schedule it? I’m not just talking about once a week, I’m talking about throughout your day even just putting in 30 mins. Just to do whatever you find relaxing. It might be going on a walk or meditation. I use a meditation app on my phone. Yoga, you can find a really great yoga class. There are so many types you can do. Personally I like this yoga called “yin” yoga. It’s more like stretching, it’s really hot. I like to do it at night Once my work day is done just to chill out. Anything you can find relaxing. Of course there’s things like massages but we don’t have to talk about spending heaps of money at a spa, you can literally go outside and put your feet in the sand or the grass—sorry to my Midwest fans who can’t do that year round! It’s called Earthing, it’s not just a hippie thing, you can connect with the earth it‘s so powerful.

For some of you, you just have to face the fear. You have anxiety because you’re not facing the fear. Believe there’s a million things that make me feel scared. Whether it’s speaking in front of 20,000 people or driving in LA, you have to just put yourself in those situations because it will help you immensely. I understand you are are worried about what might happen, you’re creating these illusions such as who’s going to talk to you at the party, you want the promise that everything’s going to be okay but the uncertainty is apart of life. You have to do something called “exposure therapy.” It’s facing the fear anyway. It helps you learn to live with risk and uncertainty. It’s something I’ve gotten really good at. For some of you you have anxiety because you are not doing the one thing that’s going to help you push pass the fear to the other side. Maybe it’s that.

Maybe you just need some good friends, to be involved in a good community. Maybe you feel lonely because you’re shutting everyone out. I think people who work a lot tend to do this. We shut everyone off in our life and we go into this little whole and really it’s doing more harm that good for you and I’m speaking from experience. You need community. You need relationship. You need real conversations with people who really give a damn about you. That’s why I love network marketing because it’s an instant community of like-minded people. 

You need adaptogenic herbs. From a health perspective, adaptogens, that’s my number one favorite product we have. All the blends we have that really why I got attracted to my company in the first place. I was dealing with anxiety and when you get the right things in your body, your body really balances out in a natural holistic way. 

These are just some of my tips for you because I love you and I believe that there is somebody reading this right now who is really struggling with feeling lonely or depressed. I get you. I feel you. You’re normal. You’re so normal. Please don’t go on social media and think that everybody else has it all together because everybody deals with pain. Some of us just handle it differently. I hope some of my tips today have helped you. I hope more that anything you take what I’ve said and apply it. Just take one thing and apply it and watch what happens in your life. Know you have to do it daily. Some days will be hard, others will be easier but you got to do it daily. Send this to a friend or anyone you know struggling with these feelings. 

God Bless!


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