All Up In Your Grill

All Up In Your Grill

It's finally that time of the year again where everyone is having summer BBQ's. While it's super fun, it can sometimes be easily forgotten that there are healthy and delicious recipes you can make. And that's exactly what we're doing today. I've gone ahead and made a few of my favorite healthy and delicious recipes that will keep you lean this summer but that will also be a big hit with all your attendees. 

Surf and Turf Kabobs 

These surf and turf kabobs are not only super easy to make but are super healthy and yummy! This recipe yields 10 kabobs.


1 New York strip 

0.5 - 1 lb precooked shrimp 

2 bell peppers (red and green) 

baby bella mushrooms 

1/2 and onion 

mixed baby tomatoes


1. Start by washing and prepping your veggies and meat. I cut up my steak into about 1 inch chunks. For the veggies I cut them into chunks as well. You definitely do not have to be precise with this!

2. Start assembling your kabobs. Have fun with it! I mixed up the order of them each time. Some had more veggies, others had a combination of shrimp and meat and some just had one kind. 

3. Drizzle a little olive oil onto the kabobs. I found that this helped them not stick to the grill as much. 

4. Set your grill to medium heat and place the skewers onto the rack. 

5. Close the grill and cook to your liking. Typically 6 - 8 minutes will give you steak that is medium. It can take a bit longer depending on the heat of your grill so don't worry. Also make sure to flip them about half way through!

6. Take them off the grill and let them cool then plate and serve! You can serve them right on the Kabob or de-kabob it and place over a bed of lettuce!


Grilled Romaine 

This next one pairs perfectly with the Kabobs and is a super refreshing dinner for those hot nights. 


2 heads of romaine (one per person) 

olive oil 

sea salt

yes, seriously thats it. 


1. wash and dry your romaine thoroughly. It needs to be super dry! 

2. Cut in half vertically.

3. Drizzle each half with olive oil. 

4. Set your grill to medium heat and place each half face down directly on the rack.

5. Cook for about 3 to 4 minutes then flip and repeat. This time can vary depending on how crispy you want your lettuce. I like mine to get super chard. 

6. Take off your grill and plate right away. Don't worry if it looks like it's falling apart, they normally do lol. 

7. Add sea salt and dressing (if you want). I found the olive oil is good by itself but you can totally throw on a dressing if you want to. 


Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes 

These bad boys make the perfect side dish to any dinner! Super easy to make with only a few ingredients.  And you can totally make these in the oven too. 


1 - 2 large sweet potatoes (one sweet potatoes feeds 2 people) 


 Kerrygold pure Irish butter 


1.  Wash your sweet potato. 

2. Pop your sweet potato into the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes. This will make it soft to cut and help it cook faster.

3. Cut the sweet potato in half horizontally. Then cut each half in half but not all the way through (think hotdog bun). This will create a pocket to hold the butter and cinnamon .


4. Place in one to two slices of butter into each half (you totally can add as much or as little as you want) 

5. Sprinkle cinnamon into the halves, Be generous with this! 

6. Wrap each half in tinfoil. Make sure after it is wrapped tightly you take a knife and poke holes into the tinfoil and potatoes so it can breathe while its cooking. 

7. Pop them on the grill on medium heat! Cook them for about 15 - 20 mins. If you find that you took them off too early you can pop them into the microwave for another couple minutes. 

8. Plate and serve!


Guilt Free Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

You didn’t think I’d write this whole blog and not include a to die for healthy dessert did you? These chocolate covered strawberries are not your usual ones—they’re guilt free and healthy!


1 container of strawberries 

5 to 7 milk chocolate peanut butter isadelights (find them HERE


1. Wash and dry your strawberries. 

2. In a microwave safe bowl heat up the isadelights in 30 sec. increments. Make to sure to stir in between each increment.

3. Dip your strawberries into the melted chocolate 

4. Place all finished ones on to a plate and allow to harden 

To get them to set faster you can place them in the fridge or the freezer like I did.  You can also switch up the flavor of the isadelights to the dark chocolate or caramel ones! 


There you go, 4 easy and healthy recipes to wow everyone at your next BBQ or summer party! If you try any of these, make sure to tag me on Instagram @itsemily. 

Xx - em 


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