Dress to Impress with Isabelle Sabel

Dress to Impress with Isabelle Sabel

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” - Marylin Monroe. Dang, wasn’t she right? Luckily for me, my stylist always keeps me in the right shoes. I know it can be hard to remember what real clothes feel like since we’ve been in quarantine but hopefully soon we'll all be able to wear those cute new pieces hanging in our closet. 

Here to answer our burning questions about all things fashion is a celebrity stylist, my friend, and owner of Wear it My Way, Isabelle Sabel. 


1.What are 5 basics everyone needs in their closet?

 Definitely a good white tee, Redone does a great vintage style. (Click here!).

 A black tank or bodysuit, I love this one from Alix. A versatile pair of trousers like these from Helmut Lang. A great pair of vintage-looking denim. I love Gallery Dept, Redone, and Khaite (click here!) Lastly, a classic leather moto jacket. Love this one from Iro.

2. Where can I find style inspiration?       

 I always look to Pinterest or Google for images of fashion icons I love. Kate Moss, Jane Birkin, and Bianca Jagger are some of my favorites. I love seeing the outfits they put together back then that still work today. 

3What are the common mistakes you see people make when it comes to fashion? 

Don’t try too hard. Don’t overdo it with too many labels or trendy items. Remember, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. 

4. What're your personal beliefs when it comes to style?

I feel like style is a way to express your emotions and mood through fashion. I don’t think you have to dress a certain way to have style. I personally like to mix classic pieces with more modern trends.

5. What are the items I should invest in?

 I would say to invest in key items that are timeless. A Chanel purse, a well-tailored suit or blazer, a pair of classic black pumps. Pieces you can wear over and over again, in different ways.

6. Personally, which events do you have the most fun styling for?

The great thing about my job is that it’s constantly changing. One day I could be shooting on location in Tulum and the next I’ll be personal shopping for clients on Rodeo Drive. Lately, I’ve loved installing and organizing closets, it gives me the opportunity to completely revamp my clients' day-to-day style.

7. How important do you think it is to put your best foot forward?

Each day you get a chance to be creative and expressive with clothing. It’s always a good idea to dress the part, whether it’s for a job interview or a movie premiere, know the rules and put your own twist on it. 

Makes sure to follow Isabelle on Instagram @isabellesabelstyle and check out her website wearitmyway.com

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