I get asked on the DAILY from you guys about planners, how do I get stuff done, prioritize my day, business, etc. 


First, I will tell you that I’m a big fan of my google calendar for the day to day appointments, travel, and such. If it’s not scheduled… it's NOT happening in my book. However, DAILY, I use my PRODUCTIVITY planner. It’s apart of my morning ritual. If I end up skipping it I feel lost and overwhelmed. 


I find it's the perfect tool if you are looking to put procrastination at bay and get stuff done. It helps you prioritize and accomplish your most important tasks.


First things first - Writing down tasks is proven to produce productivity! YEP! Stop thinking about it and start writing. 


I love that this planner has me list out my priorities for the day and approximately  how long it will take me to do them. This allows me to be realistic about how much I can ACTUALLY accomplish in a day. I can try to be an overachiever and list a thousand things to do but this planner doesn’t let you do that… THANK GOD!



On your daily entry: you simply put in the most important task of the day  

(if this is the ONLY thing you’d get done today… you’d feel satisfied) and that is YOUR FOCUS! 


After that, you list other to-do’s 

And you list approx. how many pomodoros it's going to take you to finish the task.


you might ask: What does the Pomodoro technique mean?


The Pomodoro technique is a time management method based on 25-minute stretches of focused work broken by 3-to-5 minute breaks and 15-to-30 minute breaks following the completion of four work periods. ... Each working interval is called a Pomodoro, the Italian word for tomato.


Why is Pomodoro 25 minutes?


The idea behind the Pomodoro Technique is to break down all of your tasks into 25-minute time blocks. ... And after completing four Pomodoros you take a longer break—usually 15 to 30 minutes. In theory, this strategy works because you completely focus on one task (like writing) without shifting focus or multitasking.


Other things I love about this planner: 



    • PROVEN PRODUCTIVITY FORMAT: The Productivity Planner is based on historical leading Productivity Principles and Supported Goals Research that is proven to increase productivity.

    • GET FOCUSED. BEAT PROCRASTINATION: Stay clear of distractions with the Productivity Planner's simple focused Pomodoro style work system. The goal-oriented system helps enforce productive habits.

    • BECOME MORE PRODUCTIVE DAILY: Rate your productivity at the end of each day and become more self-aware and effective day by day.

    • WEEKLY PLANNING / REVIEW: Stay on top of your weekly goals and review what happened each week. Everything is non-dated so you do not waste pages like most planners. Includes 7-day pages + Sat/Sun page per week.


If you don’t have a system that is currently serving you, I recommend you give this one a go! Order here!

Tag me on IG @Itsemily and fill me in on how you like it. 


Cheers, and let's get 1% BETTER TODAY! 


Xxxxx Em 

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Ana Cortes June 22 2020

Thank you for the recommendation Emily! Just ordered. I’ve been on the hunt for a planner that works to help me with my goals.

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