Your Story – The Power Tool in your Box

Your Story – The Power Tool in your Box

Network marketing is 10 percent mechanics and 90 percent mindset. If you do not adopt a winning mindset, it does not matter how proficient you become at inviting people to take a look at your products/business or how skilled you are at delivering a call to action.

If you do not manage the thoughts that hover in the dark recesses of your mind, you will not get all that you potentially can from network marketing. As I cover the nuts and bolts of building your business, I will frequently refer to the importance of developing a winning mindset.

One of the most powerful tools you have in your toolbox to convey your mindset to your prospect is YOUR STORY! (We have our team constantly practice this)

Your Story.

You need to embrace your story. No matter how simple, insignificant, or embarrassing it may be to you, you need to be able to tell it with ease and confidence. I cannot tell you how many times a new biz partner has said, “Em, I really don’t have a good story. My story is just not that exciting or unique.”

Not true. Everyone has a story that matters. Everyone has a meaningful story that will move other people to act. Since it is your story and your reality, it may not seem exciting to you. Nonetheless, we are all human, and our stories contain universal themes that weave us together, joining our hearts and minds. Your story is the initial part of the process that will connect you with others.

You will need to connect with a friend, sponsor, upline partner, or sideline associate to develop your story.

What did you do before network marketing?
Before Isagenix how did you feel?
How did you bump into this great profession?
What moved you to take action?
What was it like being you in the process?
What is it like being you now?
What does it feel like to walk a day in your shoes?

Your story needs to be written out. This is a non-negotiable requirement. If I told you that your story could make or break your business, how much time would you spend crafting it?

Well, this is exactly what I am telling you.

Your story either grabs people or doesn’t.

Every story has the potential to move people to act. You need to write down every detail and share it with someone. You need to read it to yourself out loud and read it to others. Then you need to whittle it down. You may be so close to your own story that you cannot even discern the amazing parts that will feed another until you go through this entire repetitive process.

Here is the goal— When you tell your story, it should prompt an internal dialogue with the listener. If they are bored, the story is not doing its job. They need to be silently saying things like “Wow, me too”, or “I feel exactly the same way!” They might think, “Wow, I’ve been there”, or “I can relate.”

Even if their path has been vastly different from yours, they will gain respect for you and who you have become, thinking, “This girl worked hard”, or “This gal has the courage and so do I.” They need to be thinking, “Wow, if he can do this, maybe I can too,” or “I have the same qualities he has. We might work well together.”

They need to feel a wide range of emotions while listening to you—perhaps angry, sad, joyful, and hopeful, all in the few minutes you share.

Your story is the glue that will bind you together to navigate the network marketing journey with others in partnership.

If you guys have listened to me from the stage, on Facebook lives or calls, you have heard my story that I share when I meet a prospect for the first time. I have told this story hundreds of times to thousands of people and have connected with many of them.

It has taken me years to learn the importance of this remarkable tool in moving people toward the dreams which they may have unconsciously let go of.


Here's to becoming 1% better….

Love Em

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