Emily Vavra has turned her passion for business, ALL things health + wellness, mindset development, style and #RealTalk advice into her own brand, ItsEmily.

In partnership with her personal team, Emily has built one of the largest Network Marketing Organizations to date - a 9 figure sales organization which has over 145,000 people worldwide. Although you might see the glitz & glam of her now, she started her business while sleeping on a mattress in her friend's house with zero money or experience in network marketing to her name. As they say, “experience is the best teacher” and Emily's experience of almost a decade in the field has allowed her to accelerate other people's success.

Emily is an international keynote speaker in arenas packing 12,000+ people, speaking on business coaching, mindset breakthroughs, motivational stories, and more. Her ability to connect with audiences on a variety of topics from simple tips on productivity to the deeper issues regarding self worth is largely due to her authenticity. She is known for her #realtalk and is able to connect with virtually anyone from the single mom of 2 trying to find a way to pay her rent to the multi-millionaire entrepreneur wanting more meaning to his life. Emily is innovative and delivers a clear message with knowledge, experience, style, and just enough edge to captivate anyone who is listening. She’s a true “hard work pays off” story that resonates.

Emily is one of Yahoo's top 10 Entrepreneurs to follow in 2020, she has been featured in FORBES, KTLA news, Fox News, ABC 10, Life+Style Magazine, and MORE! She has also shared the stage with some great names you might recognize: Tony Robbins, Eric Worre, Grant Cardone, Lou Holtz, Brendon Burchard, and many more. Whilst traveling and inspiring thousands in person, she also releases blogs and a weekly newsletter filled with fresh content on finding your vision and building the life you desire.

Outside of all her hustle, you can find her reading vogue, journaling her thoughts, hunting for vintage high-end fashion, attending Mosaic church, and watching sunsets at her house on the beach with her dog, Hugo. You can find him on instagram @itssirhugo!