I am an advocate of supplementation.

The frightening bit about our diets is that most of the population consumes foods laden with additives, hormones, pesticides, herbicides and preservatives just to name a few. Yes, eating an organic diet is a great start to avoiding these health-hazardous chemicals, but it is actually more than simply ingesting the chemicals that should concern us. Our topsoil, the fundamental component to growing nutritious foods, is nearly depleted of all its former nutrients. So, what does this mean? We are left with foods that contain significantly less vitamins and minerals. For those of you that are new to this, vitamins and minerals support our bodily functions in every aspect; without them, the body is left much more susceptible to disease and illness. It is my opinion that when your body is deficient in vitamins and minerals, illness surfaces.

This brings me to my next point…

Cleanse thy bod!

Because: Unfortunately, we live in a society where many of the processes and chemicals I mentioned above are what allow us the fortune of opportunity and growth in agriculture alongside the responsibility of feeding the Nation. So, we may not be able to avoid toxins altogether (unless you live in a bubble), but there are ways of cleansing the body to help rid of the toxicity that we are exposed to daily.

Let me explain (in simple terms) what happens when our body is exposed to a toxin:

Toxin enters the body
The body acknowledges the toxin as ‘foreign’

The body either expels or stores the toxin within a fat cell
So, consider all of the diet soda consumed by our society today.

I can only guess that people drink ‘diet’ anything because they think they are doing a good thing by avoiding excess calories.

Yes, aspartame and sucralose are zero calorie sweeteners, but they may just pack on more fat than any soda drink derived of real sugar because your body has zero idea what to do with that zero calorie sweetener; so, into the fat cell it goes and there it will stay until you learn how to remove it.

Now, why do I turn to Isagenix…

Isagenix fits seamlessly into my lifestyle.

I understand the importance of fortifying the body with essential vitamins and minerals, and I absolutely understand the benefits of cleansing at the cellular level. The toxins are quick to enter and slow to leave, so it’s important we are assisting our body in ridding of them frequently.

It’s my opinion that when you experience toxic overload, ill symptoms surface.

Isagenix is the only company that meets all of my criteria in a supplement as well as the only company offering a whole-body cellular cleanse.

So, first and foremost – quality of ingredients is huge on my list and Isagenix met all of my requirements in that department (Free of GMOs, gluten and soy as well as exceeds USDA organic standards). Knowing what I know about our food supply and the industry itself, I know that even when I am eating foods that are organic, I am still not able to eat enough to get optimal nutrition every day. I would have to eat a lot of organic foods in order to feed my body the nutritional value of a single Isagenix shake.

Secondly, convenience; I only take the time to prepare a healthy sit-down meal a couple of times per day. Or I’m on the road and there is little to zero healthy options! There was once a time in my life where I cooked, chopped and prepped 5 small meals per day. I felt like a crazy person eating out of tupperware constantly.. cold chicken anyone? YUCK. Not to mention how time consuming it was. I also found myself with a refrigerator full of expired foods before I get the chance to utilize them. On that note, I now save money on groceries because I buy less at the grocery store.

Like most people, some of my days can take unexpected turns and if it weren’t for the convenience of organic nutrition at my fingertips, there are times I would have to either, a. struggle to find something while out or b. go without eating when in a time crunch (neither of those scenarios leave me feeling well!).

And Thirdly, RESULTS!

Prior to using Isagenix I consumed nearly a pot of coffee per day. Lived on caffeine! Clearly, I had high anxiety and struggled maintaining consistency in my overall diet (I mean can you blame me… who can cook that much food) I found myself binge eating a lot due to stress. When I put these products into my body (especially the adaptogens) I found a natural energy. Mental clarity that is hard to articulate. I also noticed an extreme difference in my skin. I felt “less puffy” and acne prone areas started to clear. My relationship with food started to drastically change. I no longer felt as if I was dieting and started to feel as if I was nourishing my body.

Now, almost a decade into the program I can truly see the LONG-TERM results. Especially when it comes to anti-aging. Taking care of your cells. Replenishing them with maximum nutrition and combating stress with telemere support is my key to staying; forever young.

In a nutshell, those are just a few of the reasons why I’m a lifer. I do not go a day without it and I have helped thousands of people reclaim their health whom I know do not go without it either!

- xx Emily